There are two identical graphics cards in the AI processor selection box

Hello, I am currently working on upscaling using one 4090, but when I select AI PROCESSOR, two 4090s are confirmed. Currently, when working on the gaia model with the 4090, it is progressing at 7~8fps (over 15fps on the user bench). Is this a problem related to this?


On some systems, we’ve seen duplicate AI Processor entries in the settings menu. This may be caused by multiple displays connected to the GPU, but selecting either of these options will show equal performance.

The benchmark will run faster than a file export because the benchmark measures just the performance of the AI models, and does not send video frames to be encoded and saved to disk.


thank you! I understand.

I hope that your team will be reviewing the code that enumerates user’s hardware and that this bug will be resolved at some point.

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