Them pesky audio bugs again

This is yet another complaint about the never-solved audio issues of the software BUT this is not about the output, it’s the input.

Why does Topaz Video strip any video I import for enhancement out of its audio? No matter whether it’s mp4, avi, mov, no video is imported with audio. Obviously, the output is also audioless.

There is no log to share since the issue is at the very beginning before i select any parameters.

Anyone knows of this? Thank you!

Are you sure your Audio mode is not set to “None”? if it is not, try changing between “Convert” & “Copy” and see if that helps.



If you still think it doesn’t read the Audio during the input phase, then maybe your video contains unsupported Audion.

please use MediaInfo tool and post here your audio track that is in your input video.

Like the example below:


Thank you for the fast response.

All the relevant settings are in place (Audio to Copy both in the Preview & Export and Preferences).
In my understanding, these setting concern the Export options and not the import.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 11.17.18

Regardless of what type of video i import, it is the same issue. Even a video shot on my iPhone has the issue (see below). You said the file must have an unsupported audio format and that’s why no audio is ever imported. If even iPhone videos are not supported, then which audio formats are?
And shouldn’t this be on the software company to ensure compatibility, otherwise the app loses its meaning?

Here are other types of file that can’t be imported with sound. Really none of them are imported with sound.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 11.22.12

Try to use another container, especially .mkv as this will greatly improve audio format compatibility.

Also try using “Convert” instead of “Copy” and see if it helps.

It seems that I am not making myself understood. The issue is not with the export, is with the import.

Topaz Video does not recognize the audio of any of the formats that i import. Changing the container of the export is consequently useless. The developers need to do something about the import bug.
When hitting play in the preview before i even apply any type of enhancement has the video on mute.

This is a 300 dollar software made completely useless.

Preview never had audio in TVAI - but the final exports have.

There is NO audio in the preview which has been discussed many times on here.
The answer is to use convert on render.
Which has fixed this issue many many times.

I am having the same problem. What used to be a great program haas become useless. Convert / Copy etc make no difference. Videos that I previously used no longer have sound. There’s something wrong - this used to be so easy to use and now it is a nightmare.

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