The VICTORIA CROWNED PIGEON, is descendent from the extinct dodo


Another super illustrated image.

Don where did you find this bird, cool! if you wouldn’t mind.? What of the plug in did you in general to get the base tweaking of this classic fella! thanks!

Forgotten some of the details, but…

Believe I used Topaz simplify Then blended that into Topaz Studio with an emphasis on smudge.

Of course the beginning was an exposure-bracketed image with a fairly bright overall setting and the ending was a vignette using Alien Skin Exposure2

Found the bird at the Sedgwick County Zoo indoor tropical bird exhibit. Used a Sony 6300 and a 100-300 zoom lens with auto-ISO exposure

i have heard some very nice comments about the a6000 ,a6300,and especially the a6500. UNIQUE looking bird as was, Uncle Dodo! what shame !

Nice processing on this most interesting bird

Great capture, very nice colors!