The Topaz upgrade sucks

I am extremely dissatisfied with the Gigapixel upgrade. The previous version did a good job with facial recovery, but the overall sharpening was mediocre. The Noise removal was almost no existent but some. After I upgraded the overall sharpening and noise removal seemed to improve a little but now there is no usable face recovery. The processing time has tripled ! For me this program is unusable for what I need.
I downloaded a demo of Topaz Photo AI , the upgraded version, and was amazed with the program. It is everything that the upgraded Gigapixel should be. The overall sharpening and noise removal ranges from good to great. The Facial Recovery seems to be better than with my original Gigapixel. The speed is very good.
I would be satisfied with the Topaz Photo AI, but not happy to spend another $199 for it. Whatever you can do I would appreciate it.

Darrel Olsen

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You may want to chat with Support to see if they can help.

@darrelgolsen-44035, @Kathy_9 is correct.

Please reach out to Support so we can freely investigate the conflict.

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