The Topaz Studios TSP files

I’ve read that the Topaz Studios Project files, TSP’s (teaspoons?) are a fairly new addition wanted to throw out some observations & comments and see what others think.

Currently, you pretty much have to know that the option even exists as it’s only available under the Save As… menu. I came across it by accident so started looking into what it was. Personally, I’d like to see it listed in the first level of the File menu.

Studio supports a lot of RAW formats (over 50) but missing one that hardly any other program offers either and that is for the GoPro GPR format. As it is, you have to first convert those with Adobe’s DNG converter tool. That works fine but adds extra steps. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that directly?

The FAQ makes this statement:

What is a .tsp good for?

If you’ve ever wanted to jump right back into your image and get back to work, this is the feature for you. Open your .tsp file to get right back to where you were!

Well, not quite. When you do a Save As … .tsp file, only the LAST item you were working on gets saved. Any variations in the bottom panel get purged. It would be really nice if those variations got saved as well. Is that even possible?

OK. That’s a good start.


You can do a “SaveAs” on whichever image is selected in the bottom panel. So you’d have to save each one individually as .tsp’s. Not as good as being able to save all at once in a single .tsp, but you can save them.

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Ya, would be nice to save variations on a theme in one spot rather than a bunch of individual files. The paradyme I guess is something like After Effects. You have ONE project file but within that you’ve an unlimited number of Compositions.

Well, maybe down the road.

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