The Rostami Technique

I watched with interest Greg Rostami’s monumental webinar where he really took AI Remix and AI Clear to task - and gave them a supreme workout. From this webinar I fashioned a TS2 preset which I dubbed “Torcello - Rostami” and is available in this community’s shared dropbox (PM me and I shall add you to the list). Here are some examples which I have made using the ‘Rostami Technique’.

Topazlabs, please feel free to use these examples to further exhibit the full power of (the awesome power) of Topaz Studio in any way you like. Please credit me as © Jack Torcello, and if you are willing, please append my website Thank you.

All pictures © Jack Torcello

France - Mont St Michel

Italy - Burano Venice

Paris - Montmartre

Norfolk UK - Cley Mill

England - Polesden Lacey

Ireland - Blarney Castle

NYC - City Island

England - Cotswold Stream

Cotswold Cottage

France - Mulhouse

England - Deal in Kent

Paris - Notre Dame



Very nice! I especially like the 3rd one: Paris - Montmartre.

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Great job Jack!!!

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Wow, wow and wow!! Nice work Jack.

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I second this, Jack

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Great collection, I think that the first is my favorite

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Very nice work!

This is great. Sorry for the naive question, but how do we get access to the DB folder?