The reader

(knokin) #1

I can’t recall everything I did with this but at the end it was combining several Impression types.
I am sharing this because I liked a very early stage of Painting Progress on the slider to use for the background. I combined this with another Impression, at a more highly developed level for the main figure. I quite liked the unfinished abstract feel Topaz generated in the background doing this.

(Kenneth Kovach) #2

Very nice shot and I really like the style and color of the processing!

(marty) #3

You did a beautiful job on this one. Great work.

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(knokin) #4

Thanks very much Kenneth

(knokin) #5

Thanks for the enthusiasm about my work. Just like to show others possibilities and celebrate the software’s hidden corners!

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(John) #6

Very nice results and appreciate the processing techniques mentioned.

(knokin) #7

Thanks very much!

(kermit.woodall) #8

I’d very much like to get an idea of how you created this look. Especially the heavy lines.