The original Adjust Adaptive settings and Regions

I have Adjust v5.20. The whole great thing about Adjust back then was the Adaptive settings. Such as Adaptive Exposure, combined with Regions. You had great control. Same thing with Adaptive Saturation, combined with Regions.

So many different effects could be achieved, without having to go to presets.

Now with Adjust AI, we do not have the same control. I would like to see the same power of the original Adjust combined with Adjust AI in some way please, even if it does not work with the neural power.

I have tried both with photos over a number of days and I get much better control, with the same intended result using Adjust v5.2.0.

The two could be comparable to each other if you incorporated Adaptive Exposure and Adaptive Saturation with Regions - Regions being the key.


In effect, Topaz Studio IS Topaz Adjust - but on S T E R O I D S ! ! ! ! ! All of Adjust’s processing power is now inside the HSL/Glow/Contrast/Detail sliders etc etc. The new AI Adjust simply (?) adds an AI quotient to Topaz Adjust so that if you are after a quick - but attractive look - then AI is there for you.

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Seabreeze- I agree 100%. Adjust AI is so different than Adjust v5.2.0 that I don’t think they should even call it Adjust, maybe Adjust Light. Miss Adaptive Exposure and Adaptive Saturation with Regions the most. I see Adjust AI as a cute effects program and it just can’t do what the original Adjust can especially with exposure.


I totally agree. I much prefer the original Adjust. I had to re-install Adjust 5 since the Adjust AI installer removed V5 which gives the user much more control over the process.

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When using the old Adjust I would use the Regions control with every image… it makes a big difference in the look of the effect! If the new Adjust AI could incorporate Regions control, that would make it MUCH more useful!


I still have Adjust 5 installed, but it is not behaving. Since installing Adjust AI, Adjust 5 will not reset after adjusting sliders. It completely changes the image after pressing reset. What should take my changes from adjusting adaptive exposure, regions and contrast, after pressing reset back to my original image, does not. It actually changes the colour to much more vibrant and quite horrible. Not my original image at all.

Seems to be a conflict between Adjust 5 and Adjust AI, I think, somewhere in the naming of the two in the software algorithm, perhaps? Anyway, Adjust 5 is being affected. And that is the software I prefer over Adjust AI.

Adjust AI It is just a play tool IMHO.

Windows 10.

PS - Uninstalled Adjust AI and Adjust 5.2. Reinstalled Adjust 5.2 without reinstalling Adjust AI and the same problem. It seems that the reset button is changing the whole color of the image in Adjust 5.2. If I CTRL Z each time I have made a change, the image will eventually be returned to the original.

Since what I know from experience and I have read that Adjust 5.2 is a very successful and popular product, and you are not updating this anymore, could you please change your minds and do so please? At least until you can show that your AI range is as good? Unfortunately, I believe that AI for Adjust will never achieve the results we as users of Adjust want. It is a very individual, artistic plugin that can never be achievable with AI, simply because of the individual use.


Adjust AI is Adjust 5.20 for dummies. Topaz cashing in on current AI boom. If they add add Adaptive Exposure, Adaptive Regions and Adaptive Saturation and they may have a winner. Clarity and Details a step in the right direction.

Adjust 5.20 in my mind is TopazLabs best product.


Try doing a clean uninstall of Adjust 5.2 with a program like the free Revo Uninstaller that will remove any app data and registry entries. After uninstall restart your computer before reinstalling.