The new Software won´t sharpen at all

Hey there,

the new Version/Update with the new UI doesn´t work at all. It does a little bit but won´t do something different (sharpen) when I change the AI Model (Standard, Strong, Lens Blur, Motion Blur), it just won´t do anything different and that´s not usable.

The older Version did it´s job very good, this isn´helping at all sorry, please fix this!

Hi, your problem could be you have the Mask setup for Select Subject because.

If you have a very busy image or the person you want to sharpen is small in the frame, then sometimes Select Subject may get confused and only pick a small part of that image or miss the person completely and choose something else, that you don’t notice.

To fix this simply select Sharpen to open the Sharpen sidebar, then pick Selection Type and choose ALL from the drop-down menu and try again.

I do hope this helped rectify the problem you were having

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Doens´t work because it won´t find the areas I want - next question is where are all the other things in the menu gone? enlarge and all the others?

If the Topaz Photo AI isn’t selecting the area you want, then you have to select the area manually with the brush.

  1. Open Topaz Photo AI
  2. Load image
  3. Either select Apply Autopilot or goto step 4
  4. Right hand corner, see blue box that says Add Enhancement, (under this tab you will find Sharpen, Upscale, Denoise and so on) click on this and select Sharpen
  5. Open Sharpen menu, under Brush Settings > Paint/Erase you’ll see two icons + - select the plus symbol to add to current selection and paint the area you do want
  6. Next select the Controls Tab, next to the Selection Tab and Sharpening will be applied
  7. If you want to start over and only select the area you want, then goto the Selection Tab and under the Auto Selection, click on down arrow and choose None, now as before paint the area you do want to sharpen

Hope this helps

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Works thank you!