The Mooring

(Mond) #1

(Michigander) #2

Fantastic piece of ART!

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(Dragonpainter) #3

Personally, I think that this is one of those rare images that breaks several rules of composition, and works because of it!

Good job!

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(BobKramer) #4

Top notch work Ray …

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(Ricci) #5

I just love this, excellent

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(Peter) #6

Exceptional in every aspect!

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(Kenneth Kovach) #7

Very compelling inage!

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(JeanieW) #8

I think its the symmetry that makes this work so well - good job!

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(marty) #9

The reflections really make this image very nice.

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(BorderlineUK) #10

I was struggling today to find any image that I really liked and then I found this. Stunning!

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