The Lookout Tree

LR into Studio for DeNoise, Adjust, and B&W Effects.

Badlands NP 2017 - D7000 50mm f/8 1/800 sec ISO 100

Original image

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A very nice B&W, did you change the sky?

Nicely done …

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No, it’s the original sky. The scene was backlit; the sun was on the other side of the ridge. I wanted to maximize the cloud highlights so I exposed on them. So the overall image was fairly underexposed (I added the original in the OP for reference.) There was a moderate level of noise in the sky, and I used DeNoise. I also avoided exposing the sky to sharpening, other than output sharpening during export from LR. Hence the sky has a softer look. I made some moderately strong color sensitivity adjustments in B&W Effects as well as some extra adaptive exposure to enhance the clouds and get that classic dark sky look. I used the detail brush in B&W Effects on the formations which makes the sky look even softer. I think that soft-sharp contrast is what makes it look like the sky could be added.

Here’s another image I’ve been playing with. I applied a very strong amount of DeNoise to really soften the sky. Combined with the B&W details brush, it really makes the formations look separate from the sky.

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Thanks for adding the original… it really shows the beauty you accomplished with your edit workflow/techniques.

That was why I asked.

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