The little bridge Panorama of 9 photos

An experimental panorama of 9 photos (Microsoft ICE) post processing in Studio v. 2 Ajustments with AI Remix and textures.


Very nice!
Panoramas like this can get a bit tricky as you have quite a bit of foreground items, but you’ve put it together extremely well.
I’m curious - was this image made with 2 rows each containing 3 images?

Panorama is composite of 9 photos in a row. (not 6).
Here 2 pictures i took to make this panorama.


Nice work. My Sony camera has a pano mode where it will stitch together 7 or 8 shots in camera. I just press the button and turn around. I haven’t use it for a while.

For these photos, i took my Canon Powershot G1X with no pano mode. I prefer to make the panorama with a software.
I have too a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 with pano mode and i make some pano with it !

Depending of the scene, i use one or other :wink:

Nice composition and colors

Cool. Really cool.

Very nice panorama and explanation of the software used