The installer for PhotoAI downloaded won´t install after clicking on it

Just bought the Photo AI. Downloaded the installer. Have the .msi file. Clicked on it but nothing happens. Tried more than once.
I have latest Windows 10 and updated.
I have admin rights.
I already use Denoise and Sharpen.

Hi @ralph.hatt, can you right-click the installer that you downloaded and click Properties, and then send us a screenshot of the General tab that you see?

Hello Preston,

With the help of a Product Specialist just now, I managed to install Photo AI through the Command Prompt. It is now working.

I thank you though, for your prompt answer and interest to solve my case.

Just in case, I am sending the screenshot of the General Properties in case you want to take a look at it and find something that catches your eye.

Once again thank you,
Ralph Hatt


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