The golden hour

Capture One, TS - basic correction


Your golden hour photo is perfect ! I have a question. You write that you use Capture One. I have Lightroom 5.7 and i dont upgrade because i dont like the manner that adobe go with paiement by month. I have try DXO pro Elite 11 free edition. Great but free dont have PRIME denoise. Are you satisfied with your Capture One. Do you use it only for RAW files or do you use it for JPEG ? Thank you and good day !

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Lovely, I too use Capture One and love the RAW conversions …

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Beautiful capture and tone …

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Pierre, I have never used Lightroom but went straight to Capture One. CO is known for outstanding image quality, the high dynamic range tools are very, very good. In CO you can have up to 16 adjustment layers with masking. The whole workspace is fully customizable, you can create your own shortcuts, noise reduction, tethered shooting etc. etc. etc. Phase One (a Danish company) who are making Capture One produce high end cameras mainly for professional photgraphers and thus developed their own RAW converter.
Normally I do not use CO for jpegs, sometimes for .tiff files. But generally I use Affinity Photo or Paintshop Pro and of course Topaz Studio for processed RAW images. As a RAW converter Capture One produces high quality results and I will for sure stay with it.
You can download a 30 days trial without any limitations in use. See here:

Hi Peter,

What is that place? Looks like an interesting place for photography. Nice work, by the way!

Best regards

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Thanks Scott. This is Hamburg/Germany