The foal

Horses aren’t usually my subject but… Cant recall what I did but there was an AI Remix, several different Impressions, custom Color Theme, Quad Color, Edges, Smudge and various basic tweaks, precision contrast and detail. I Also added a Texture as well as a little Surface Texture in Corel Painter. (Note the painting had more colour and richness in the red/orange which it lost in the uploading)


Very nice work!

Do you have this problems often? Is it related to the color profile of your image? (I know other people have had similar issues, unfortunately I do not understand them very well)

No idea why it happens. I can change image size and make it a jpg, and then email it somewhere and colours are OK.
Seems to happen with the reds. Wonder if it is something in the way websites convert for their size. Facebook can have similar complaints.
I usually work AdobeRGB as I have mainly been a CorelPainter artist and that is often recommended for that. Always work in PNG to preserve information. So I kmow I will lose something making it a jpg to upload to bulletin boards.
This particular image was seriously affected this time and has lost a lot of life. I would have deleted it but have never found where this is possible on Topaz discussions