"The First Day of Autumn"

The second photograph is a painterly version.

After merging and tone mapping 3 bracketed shots in Aurora HDR 2018, I took the results into Studio 1.12.0. First, A.I. Clear was applied. Next, Adjust 5 was opened inside of Studio and Adaptive Exposure and Adaptive Saturation wre applied. Then Precision Contrast and Precision Detail were added. For a final touch, I added a My Orton preset. For the painterly version, I simply applied BuzSim at .33 opacity.


They both look very good. It appears to me that the first one (top) is the painterly version. I expect the leaves will get more colorful.

Thanks. I purposely put up something with muted colors for the first day of Autumn. Actually, we already have some trees with more saturated colors.

I think the great sky adds considerably to this image

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Great capture. The colors, sky and composition are all very pleasing.

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I agree with the others about the colors and sky, a very nice workflow applied.