The eyes don’t have it

AI fails when processing human faces with eyes, a serious problem considering that all humans have eyes. While there are humans who live with crossed-eyes, that would not be the norm, as I’m sure you are aware. Seems like it wouldn’t be too much to expect AI to have a norm function for human eyes, especially for faces of those with normally crossed eyes who wish their appearance was closer to the norm.

Have you been able to lower the Strength of the Recover Face filter to see if you get better results?

Yes. Lowered strength to no good effect. Old BW photo. Acceptable facial improvement threshold exaggerates cross-eyed effect. Editing eyes alone massively labor intensive with frightening effect.

Are you able to share any examples for us here? If so please include some images of the Right Panel that will give us a better idea of what filters and strengths are being used.

Whatever is happening seems to to be system-wide now. For example, copying one 102MB GoPro LRV file from microSD to MacPro 8TB HD takes 20+ minutes or more.

I wonder whether this may be a storage issue. Main HD is 8TB with 1.19 free.

I appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Might be some clues in this problem report. Two crashes today. I wonder if the problem may be related to diminishing storage–6.19TB out of 8 used. Appreciate any suggestions. Cheers!

Processing: 20240219_GEB_Mac Pro Problem Report.jpg…

If you can please reach out to us at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Support Page

I think the support page will be the best channel to help you with this issue :slight_smile:

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