The different color space between Upscaled/Original inside CGI/VFX Software

Hi guys! I’m having trouble changing a lot of my scenes; the upscale result looks great in standard software, but in my job, I use several softwares such as Nuke, Blender, and others.

The colorspace looks awful.

If I use the upscale image within those software, you can see the comparison and the result.

Can anyone tell me how to fix it?

Thanks all!

any help?

no one???

Hi @dophuchoan92, one of our Photo AI specialists is out of office until tomorrow – we have this post in our queue to review, we’ll get to this as soon as we can!

Thank you so much! I’m still waiting for their suggestions! I’m hoping it’ll be fixed soon!

Can you send me the files so I can take a look?

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

I’m not sure if this is an issue in Topaz Photo AI or with Blender. When I see the images you are using I can figure out what is happening.

Hi @dophuchoan92, have you had a chance to upload your files yet to Ligyu’s dropbox? Please let us know as soon as you do by sending us a message here :slight_smile:

Sorry! For my late response!
Anyway, I have uploaded two files: one is normal and one with enhance prefix.
Kindly, help me check!
Thank you!

Thanks for sending the files over. It looks like these images are almost transparent in my image viewing applications and Topaz Photo AI.

The images are barely visible in image viewing applications including Topaz Photo AI and are not processed correctly as a result. Is there another file type you could convert this image to so the image is clearer?

Importing images like this is expected not to work.

This problem appears to be caused by the alpha channel in this image.

I’m referring to the image (PNG format). It combines the RGB and A channels.

P/S: I see that all of the images in this format have the same problem.

Can you look at it using DJV View?

Because seeing all the channels of a single image requires specialized software.

The best case would be to export the image without an alpha channel. We read alpha channel by default in case of PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

Having an alpha channel will affect the output significantly.