The Dehaze Adjustment

I tried the Dehaze Adjustment in TS and was pretty impressed with the results. The Dehaze Adjustment by itself was not enough to complete the job so I used Basic Exposure and Levels to bring it to a usable photo. Results follow Before - After


Great save.

Now you have curiosity going. What are they doing? And, what is that in the foreground; a mechanical pig?

Nicely done …

I’d have to say that this was a first class restoration. Night and Day.

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Kathy: that is what is referred to as a 3-D target for archery practice and tournaments. The event was an archery tournament.
I don’t know if you can see it but there is a circle above the target’s front leg and shoulder. Inside that circle are three smaller circles one of which is designated as the “12” ring before the start of the tournament. Anything outside of the large ring is 5 points, within the large circle is 8 points, in any of the non-selected circles is 10 points. This team won the tournament.
The event was held by the Houston Oilman’s Association to raise money for the St. Jude Foundation. BTW, one of those archers is related to me. :grinning:


Thank you Kathy_9, BobKramer, ellemat2 for viewing and commenting.

Thanks for a great explanation and the money went to a worthy cause. :thumbsup:

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Very nice improvement and very interesting discussion!

Good luck with the hurricane!

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