The Barber Shaves Another Customer, Liverpool

Processed by Topaz Studio, many times.


“…We see the banker sitting waiting for a trim
Then the fireman rushes in
From the pouring rain
Very strange…”

Nice job, Ken. Timeless song like all the Beatles songs

Love the pp work Ken …

Great image Ken -

“And all the people that come and go
Stop and say hello.”

Cool Image and processing applied, it looks like it has a bit of Simplify in it? I also notice where the guitar is that I see some parts of a human, did you add this to the image?

It looks like a mural where the paint has become faded and is peeling. Is Penny Lane a real street in Liverpool?

Thank you for the very nice comments, @Laundromat, @BobKramer, @Michigander and @cre8art, I appreciate them very much.

@Artisan-West - Penny Lane is indeed a real street and here is one of the real street signs that I used in the image.

The barbershop is also real, although all the Beatles stuff, like the sign saying they are open 8 days a week are for the benefit of Mr Tourist. :wink:

I took the shots on the bus tour of the Beatles sights, which was great fun.

The Beatles museum was also excellent and a lot of fun

Good eye, @cre8art - I shot the bass in the museum, and I got a lot of myself in reflection (note the cavern club hat :wink:)

Our family thought Liverpool was a really fun place to visit!


Well, about all I can say is that I saw the Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan show on TV the first time. I will mention the Beatles museum to my oldest son who has been to England a couple of times. He might put it on the list next time. Thanks for the info Ken.

I wish I could say that. At least I can remember watching the moon landings live!

If he goes, I hope he has a great time. You are welcome!

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I really like the additional images you posted, particularly the results of the bus and museum images. Did you use Simplify in Studio or the Plugin on these… they have a nice looking cartoon style applied?

I thought that sign was a cool addition they added.

Thank you very much, @cre8art. I used Topaz Studio for the cartoon effect - it was a blend of a couple of steps of Impression and then the lines adjustment that used to be in Simplify.

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Thanks for the PP info Ken.