The Adobes above Grand Junction, CO

I used Lightroom, B&W Effects, and TTE
A different perspective on these familiar hills along I-70 as you drive through Western Colorado.

Opinion please!
You do not need to be sensitive or kind.
First thoughts appreciated!


I like the image overall,but not sure about the blue spots …

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Hi Joyce, If it were me I would try lowering the opacity of the texture. I think it overpowers the subject. THis is such a great landscape you want it to be the star of the show.

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I agree regarding the blue introduction into this image but I also have a problem with the skies. Not sure if I’m seeing additional landscaping or if the skies are too dark.

Thanks for your responses.
I really love the landscape in this area, but I kew I was overdoing it. I was adding my emotions to the image. I’ll post the original to have others process it and give me additional ideas.

I like the processed version, especially of the rocks, but I think the processing of the sky clashes with the rocks a little. I also like the small amounts of blue and red color in the processed version.

I agree with Ken, I would just tone down the sky darkness.

If you created this with your emotions and it conveyed your mood or feelings…, I would leave it alone.

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I do like the texture that you applied here, but I feel it is a bit too strong in the sky. I also agree with Bob Kramer on the blue spots.

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Is this the original image? It is beautiful. For me, I would simply do some levels or curves adjustments and then go into Clarity and pick up some of the blue in the foreground. I would make the sky a touch more saturated, but your main focus, since you asked, should be on that beautiful blue in the rocks. Just make it pop - not go overboard. Hope my suggestions help, because I really love this image. It need some highlights and lowlights.

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It is the original…
I will spend some time working on it in the next week and repost.
Thanks for your suggestions.

So often I’m stymied with what to do with a potentially good photo, but then I’m lucky there are so many editing options these days.

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