Thank You Sharon

Composed with the help of Sharon’s presets and ‘how to’.

Sharon - I am very grateful to you for sharing all your wonderful work but mainly how you achieved it. I followed your ‘how to’ on the cafe table layout and for the very first time I have actually managed to get something worthwhile from Topaz Studio. I still am unable to work with this program properly. The interface is still too large for it to be comfortable to work with and certainly it is not possible to ‘play around’ which is a great disappointment. But for the help offered by your tutorial I would have left it to wither away. You are a diamond - very generous and very kind. Thank you very sincerely (you ought to be getting a salary from Topaz I think).


It’s a wonderful looking image…you did a beautiful job on the post processing.

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Thanks for that Marty - but I couldn’t have managed it without Sharon.

Nicely done …

Great work!

Thanks Bob nd Ken. Much appreciated.

Some lovely textures have come out. looks very nice on the building (good to know)

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AngieD there is no need to thank anyone on this foum. But the fact you have shows how this forum is so great.

It is good manners to thank someone when they have helped you as much as Sharon helped me. For me working with Studio is a nightmare and she gave me more than just a tutorial on ‘how to’. She gave me an idea of what can be done with this programme and the patience to wait for Topaz to fix the problems with it. I was ready to ditch it as it is virtually unusable on my PC. They are aware!


AngieD you are a very adept student. Very nicely done. Congratulations!