Textures 2 problems

I bought a new computer and reinstalled Texture 2. When I load it, the screen flickers severely when I click on anything on the screen and within a few seconds, it freezes. It does this when opened independently or when used as a LR plugin.

I have other Topaz products that work without a hitch. I’ve upgraded the drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled Textures 2. Win 10, 64 bit. 12 gigs of RAM. I should also mention that this program was on a quite old Win 7 64 bit machine and it worked just fine.

Any ideas?

Thanks! David

My suggestion is that you try Topaz Studio and the Textures Adjustment there as that is the latest version and Texture Effects is no longer supported.

It also may help to identify your issues if you post details of the hardware especially the GPU or GPUs you have on the system, the dedicated vRAM for them and along with the driver versions for those GPU(s).

You can get all those details by running DxDiag from the command prompt, saving the output to a text file and uploading it here.

Hi Don,

Thanks for the quick reply! Here’s the screenshot:




There is a known issue with Intel 5 & 6 series where owners have been asked to roll back to the previous version. Try doing that through the Updates panel by uninstalling the latest driver update.

If you can’t do that just raise a support request at the Need Help link above and support will get back to you as soon as possible.