Text improvement

Hello. I think a great addition would be text improvement. Similar to Face AI, but geared towards improving text on images. It usually happens that low resolution text turns out jagged, or even further mangled by the normal processing - sometimes the artifacts are more subtle, like swirls of colour inside a solid or gradient fill text. This would also set Photo AI further apart from the competition

One of my favourite suggestions. I recently scaled up a video from 720 wide to 1280 wide the old way before processing to avoid the text to get messed up! also happens with video ai.

This is in active development and an initial version is currently in the latest beta release. If you would like to try it out, you can apply to be included in the beta testing group here. We are actively seeking any feedback on this feature.

I’d put a +1 here for this. I shoot airshows and planes a lot, and if I use sharpen then the text on planes, their serial numbers etc often end up looking odd.

Just requested to be added! Thank you!

Hi, The Topaz team are working on it I’ve included an except from the Roadmap page

Feature Roadmap

We’re now actively working on:

  • Adding a Refine Text filter that applies a mild deblur and removes artifacts from detected text.

Text is not able to be improved at all. The original image is better than the Preserve Text or any other option.