Test Image using TS

I finally downloaded TS to try it out . Still too new to me to make any statement about it except that it does work faster but I used plugins I already had . Below is a image I took of my wife a while back and I used Clarity and Portrait to play with it . Outside of the original I thought this one to be nice . Any comments welcome .


It is a nice, not overly cartoonish, result …

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I agree with Don.
There are 2 distractions that draw the eye away, they are the 2 light blue circles to the right on the background.


Nicely done Ron …fun to play with new toys.

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Thanks everyone for your replies ! It’s a learning step for sure !

I like the style and I agree with @cre8art about removing those two circles.


I went back to the scene of crime (place I took the picture) to see what caused those two reflections and it was a blue wall phone landline . But with some editing I could try a mask and remove it . Thanks for the headsup !

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