Terrible performance v 2.3.2 on PC

Since the update to V2.3.2 the performance is terrible, it takes out 20 minutes to detect faces. I have run tests on previous pictures and the performance as decreases enormously. (secs versus minutes) Can I reload older version until this performance issue has been fixed?

I’m going to assume that when you say PC you are on a Windows operating system. You can absolutely go back to an older version. Use the link below to download the latest stable version you used, it’s located in the first post, bottom of the page.

Uninstall the current version and reboot your system. Launch the installer that you downloaded and you’ll be on the version your desire.

All the releases can be found here and downloaded for both Mac and Windows in the first post.

I have an extremely powerful computer. This issue does not relate to processing power.

  1. topaz photo AI is only using a small percentage of the available resources.
  2. I would prefer to have the photos finish processing by maximizing the processing to 100%.

I have re-install v2.3.0, and everything is back to normal. No more issue with the face detection.

Yes, my PC run with Windows 10 OS.

Thanks for the link to the older release.

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Glad that it worked for you!

Go into Preferences and change the processing amount. I run mine at 75% on my Intel A380 video card. I also have 48GB’s of RAM as well.

There is no performance configuration options available for topaz photo AI besides specifying cpu/gpu.
The problem is the software not using all available resources.

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