Technical Support issues?

What is up with Tech Support nowadays? I submit a ticket and I either never hear back or, if I do get a reply asking for more info or something else, I never hear the results. For fact, I have submitted several tickets over the past 6 months and got only one response requesting more info and to send along a sample file. I used to be such a fan boy of Topaz–own most of the plugins–but their customer support has dropped into the toilet for, at least, the past year or so. :frowning:

Please post the ticket number here and we will see if someone from Topaz can pick it up and give an explanation.

Coincidentally, I received a reply yesterday to the ticket I was most concerned with. I don’t like the fact that Topaz has no plans for the correction of Chromatic Aberration in Studio, but, hey, it’s their product.

I’m not sure if you are talking about Chromatic Aberrations and Defringing the Red/Blue channels, which can be done with the Lens Correction panel, or are you talking about colored fringing around highlights which may be caused by lens flare.

I can understand if you are talking about the latter but CA’s can be corrected.

I’m talking about the redish/purpleish line along high contrast boundaries such as bare tree limbs against a bright sky. Every other raw converter that I’ve used for the past 18 years refers to that as CA. Yes, it can be corrected in Studio if you turn off the auto profile and manually move the sliders, but…and this is a big BUT…you cannot have both CA correction and at the same timestrong text**** have other lens bugaboo correction such as lens distortion (which is provided by the profile.)

Most (all?) of the raw converters, except Studio, that I use nowadays that have incorporated lens profile correction allows for all the corrections provided by the profile AND a checkbox for CA which you can choose to turn on/off. If I see some CA in my image, I click that checkbox and…boom…CA gone!

The best I can do in Studio is to turn the lens profile on/off and see what changes it makes to the image. Then, I leave it off and manually move the sliders to correct for the distortion, CA, etc. I mean…it works…but, it’s a kludge solution IMO.

OK I understand what you are saying now.

I’m having the same problem with tech support - I submitted a request two weeks ago and have heard nothing. The ticket number is 151629, just in case anyone’s listening. When I get some time I’ll repost my question to the forum, but it’s a pretty specific issue that seems more appropriate for tech support.

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I have to agree. I have been a fan of Topaz products since their humble beginnings. I’m sure that I have purchased all their products (some more than once). Now, with the latest A.I. Gigapixel and A.I. Clairity I cannot get any help. Have submitted several “requests” (only one has even shown up in the “request” section when I log in. Don’t know what happened to the other requests. Programs are unusable until I get some help and I’m getting really frustrated. I think the days of blindly purchasing any new product they come out with are over.

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I cant get support.

Just raise a thread with your question, if you want support to answer they usually take 24-48 hours during working days. Posting a link to your request doesn’t work here as it is private and can’t be shown.