Talk About Responding Competitively to the New Adobe Product Announcements

Particularly the Ps CC 2020 for iPads just announced (not my platform, but…):

I have It Too.

I’ve had this on my iPad for a while now and it’s pretty good. But if you want quick and dirty, Snapseed is hard to beat - and it’s free!


I love Snapseed! Android tablets, phone & iPads. Wish it was available for the Windows environment. Prior to TS1 I went through the mechanics necessary to allow it to run in Windows but was such a pain in the neck I abandoned the project. Then came TS1…

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Yes, I like it too & use it a lot on my Android tablet!

Another one that’s okay on tablet is Handy Photo.

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There’s an app called Focus that makes a fairly good stab at blurring backgrounds

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Is it Focus or After Focus?

I don’t see a plain old ‘Focus’ related to photo processing in Google Play Store…

Sorry, got the spelling wrong, it’s Focos, but it might only be iPad.