System Requirements/Adequacy

Am about to do a total “jump ship” from Adobe to Topaz but want to make sure my 5 yr old machine is up to par. I see the system requirements (Min: i5 3.0GHZ / Recommended: i7 4.0GHZ+) and am not savvy enough to know where exactly mine falls in line. Would appreciate someone more knowledgeable letting me know if my performance will be adequate. My PC’s CPU is an i7 6900K 3.2GHZ Eight Core 20MB 140W; Video Card is GTX 1080 8GB, RAM is 128GB DDR4. Am coming from decades of being what I consider a “power user” of Adobe PS, with extensive utilization of layers (Topaz’s inclusion of layers was the first thing that attracted me, along with many years’ use of Topaz Clarity & Denoise as a PS plugin). I’ve found my use of Legacy Topaz items provides a nice upgrade price, so am planning to add Adjust, Denoise, Mask, Gigapixel and Sharpen. I have tried the trial software a bit and it seems to work okay on my machine, but with nothing else to compare I’m not sure if I’m going to be just fine with this configuration or if it’s lacking and I’ll be missing out. Thanks in advance for any input on my switch to Topaz, and any software configuration tips to get the best out of my hardware!