System Crashes on Qt6Aml.dll

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    Constant System Crash and Reboot with Event log indicating Qt6Aml.dll error

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Intel Core i9-9900K CPU 3.6
64 Gig RAM
Windows 10 Enterprise 21H2 19044.3208

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Comment from IT Technician
Hi Ruben,

Seem like Video AI not just using Nvidia GPU but the builtin graphic card like “Intel” display card. I just update the intel graphic card to latest version on PCOIP-05.

Could you try one more time on PCOIP-05? Tried and continues to crash after 10-15 minutes of processing.

Uploaded Image

If it doesn’t help, then you could call the Video AI app vendor to help if necessary. Following is the windows event log. Looks like they have a Qt6Aml.dll that crashed and restarted the PC.

Uploaded Image

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In order to troubleshoot this, I will need your logs and your full system profile.

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Thank you!

Hi, I have 3 systems I am trying to see if this can work for my projects…

I include 3 DxDiag.txt files.

  1. Topaz does not run at all on the Windows7 version using your Version 2.xx please let me know if there is anything I can do to my Windows 7 to get it to run… This system does much of my work and I have to maintain Windows7 for compatibility issues.

  2. Topaz 3 installs on my Windows 10 system, but no screen shows up, just and empty dark grey window. It seems the openGL interface doesn’t work.

  3. Topaz runs on the Windows 10 Enterprise system, but errors on the Qt6Qml.dll

Please review all these and let me know if I can utilize your AI on these systems.

So far i can only get it to work on a MacOS X system.

I would prefer to run it on my Windows systems.

much appreciated!

R. (44.5 KB)

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