Syncing issue

Still no fix for the excessive syncing after v1.13.0 update. I would have thought this would have been fixed, seems simple enough to just add the ability to have a manual and automatic sync option.

I’m not sure it is quite that simple as it needs to check ownership when it starts up to make sure you have access to the products you have purchased.

v1.13.0 works OK even when it is synching at startup.

The changelog states … “We have implemented a new backend approach to Ownership and Resource sync. First install, first launch, and subsequent first launches should be much faster now”

Well this approach cripples it as a plug-in which is how I use it 95% of the time. As each and every time I enter Topaz studio I have to wait 8-10 seconds before I’m able to do anything while it is syncing, this really slows done my work flow. When working on a large photo shoot this can add up considerably it didn’t do this prior to the update before the latest one.

Time is money and if I’m doing a wedding shoot these few seconds add up. Using it as a plug-in I’m going in and out constantly and while It’s syncing I can’t access any adjustment until it completes it sucks.

I’m not going to argue the point, but Topaz Studio is the only plug-in that I have to wait for (and I use several). Let me ask you this are you a Professional Photographer? Do you work on hundreds of images at a time? If your not then you don’t know where I’m coming from have a great day. :slight_smile:

My apologies I have deleted those comments. Could you please raise a support request at the Need Help? link above. You will be taken to the Topaz Web helpsite where the Tech Support will contact you.

Startup takes about 1.5 seconds for me on a few of my MacBook Pro devices, and about 0.5 seconds on my custom built Windows 10 machine. We totally changed the way sync works, and 5 and 10 second syncs should be abnormal. Manual sync is not an option at this time. Please submit a support request as @aidon has recommended.

It does start up faster as a stand alone application, but as a plug-in it take considerably longer.

v 1.13.1 is much better, syncing is much faster, Thanks