Swinging Raptor

I was out roaming Leadville’s surroundings when I spotted this raptor perched on a playground swing set. As usual, basic processing done in LR. B&W Effects was used for the conversion. I started with the Copper Red I preset and made some additional adjustments.

Leadville, CO - September 2013

Thanks for looking and best regards


Nice capture and B&W toning …

nice shot, nice post work. Great highlighting of the wing

Thanks Don; I’ve been enjoying working in monochrome lately. It’s got me thinking I need to get some test prints made. Really need to get more of my photos up on the wall. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. I used an orange filter in B&W Effects with reduced opacity to darken the sky a bit. I think there was a bit of a rust tint in the feathers that brightened them a bit too. Hopefully I didn’t let them get too bright. I try to remember to use the protect highlights slider so I don’t blow things out.