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I posted a problem I had some weeks ago about TOPAX Video and TOPAZ Video Beta produced a black screen after processing. You sent me a request for information but I was busy at the time. I attempted to process test videos through a couple more updates until the last two updates somehow restored the correct operation of TOPZ Video. NOTE: For several months whenever I update either app, the opening splash window came up twice in very quick succession. I was behind by 4 updates of the Beta, but when I installed these yesterday, I noted that the opening splash window still came up twice in very quick succession.

Thanks for reporting this bug, we’ll be looking into this and hopefully resolving it in a future update!

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Hi there @ndfrizzle is this still occurring for you? If so, could you post your specs and a screen recording?

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Oftentimes it is easiest to share a screen recording for issues like this to quickly show me exactly what is happening. I use Loom for screen recordings since this is a free and easy to use app.