Surprising what you find in the loft - 1

for those on the other side of the pond loft = attic/roof room/storage under the tiles

I was trying to find some items which the Senior Logistics vice-President (wife) required and I came across a whole bundle of mounted photos from 30 years ago. We’d bundled them up and put them on the removal van for them to find their way into the loft storage 2 years ago. This image probably took 4 days to produce in the 1980s but I bet about 20 minutes today in PS PSP etc. It’s had a touch of LR and Adjust 5 to bring it back to life. The original is still a beautiful cyan background but the forum has probably taken this down a notch to grey-blue.

This image did get highly commended in the 1987 Institute of Science Technology annual exhibition as it was shown as an example of what you could do with equidensity processing which was normally applied to X-ray images to enhance them.


Wow, hard to believe it’s been 2 years already; seems like it was just yesterday when you moved. Anyhow, love the image and what you’ve done with it.

Thanks Kathy - I found my original submission for the Licentiateship of the Royal, too, and I’m trying to re-invigorate those images plus a couple of others which I loved making.
I may show a couple if there’s sufficient interest


There’s always interest here. :smile:

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:smile: OK will do

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In 1981 I produced the operetta The Mikado and as part of the production notes I took the cast photos - one or two images found their way into the LRPS submission
This image has been solely through PS and LR to recover it


Very nice. The man on top reminds me of Mr. Spock. :grinning:


John would have appreciated that. He was certainly as intelligent.


Wow, I am glad you found both! The images and the stories behind them are very interesting.

thanks @KenKv - I have saved another 13 but replaced the others in the loft for another day