Surface Pro and Topaz applications as smart objects

I have a new MS Surface Pro and installed my Topaz software. My workflow utilizes smart objects where I apply Topaz apps. I tried to use Sharpener AI as a smart object, the app initiated but then immediately closed, returning me back to my PS smart object layer. The same happened when I tried to use Denoise AI.

Do I need to make some other changes that I’m unaware of? This is the same process I use on my desktop PC with no issues at all.


Please go to Help-> Graphics info, press Copy and post the info here.

And where do I do that because I don’t see Help>Graphics in the menu on this page.

In the menu on DeNoise or Sharpen.

Application & Version: Topaz Sharpen AI Version 2.1.3

Operating System: Windows 10 (10.0)

Graphics Hardware: Intel(R) Iris(R) Plus Graphics

OpenGL Driver: 3.3.0 - Build

CPU RAM: 15974 MB

Video RAM: 1500 MB

Preview Limit: 3910 Pixels

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Your PC doesn’t meet the minimum technical requirements, if it has an alternative high-performance GPU allocate that through the Graphics settings in the settings panel for Windows 10.

Hi @carlfredrickson-3020,

I’m not sure this solution will be work on your Surfac.
Last week I got a new device Surface pro 7 and on opeing image file on denoise ai, an application close itself.

Then I try multiple ways to solve an issue and finally I got the solution by create a new color profile.
It made denoise ai on Surface pro work correctly.

In my case the root cause of problem is built-in color profile of surface pro.

I hope my solution will able to solve your issuea.

I’m glad you were able to get it to work. Would you mind sending me the changes you made and I’ll see if I can replicate.


Hi @carlfredrickson-3020

I ever provided a document on my post in below so should able to see on an attchaed document name DenoiseAISolutionForSurfacePro7.pdf (Please scroll down to lower page)

Looks like the document is not available to download. You can email to me by clicking on my icon and select Message.

(Don’t post emails as it is a public forum and anyone can get your email address)

I sent an email with attached file.
Is it solve your problem ?

Your recommendation of changing the computer color management profile worked. Thank you for helping me through my issue.

Don, you were incorrect in your assessment of my issue. When you read through the rest of the thread, WanlopN was able to help me after he was able to troubleshoot a similar issue. By changing the computer color management profile, we were able to use Denoise AI and Sharpen AI inside of PS CC as smart objects like I would normally do on my desktop pc.

It is good that changing the internal ICC Profile helps it run Topaz products but doesn’t detract from the statement that if you have an alternative high performance GPU, as I believe some versions have on their dock, you need to use that. Technical specifications are here:

I’m having the same issue. What is the secret?

Would you please send me the PDF

The link above your post directs you to the PDF.

Did you able to open link above ?
If you still can’t not open it, please try link below.

I asked for and was given access to the Google Drive file. I downloaded the file, followed the instructions and now using my Surface Pro 7 to edit raw photos in Lightroom Classic & apply final noise reduction and sharpening to keepers using Topaz Denoise AI as a plugin. And, it’s reasonably fast. I now have a mobile workflow in the field. Thanks for researching & providing a solution.