Support for older plugins

Why doesn’t Studio recognize my standalone plugins like ReStyle, Clean & Adjust 5?

It does recognize all of your purchased plug-ins. or should, if you purchased them through Topaz Labs and not through another source. Check your account to make sure they are appearing. They should sync with Studio and appear under Plug-Ins at the heading on the top of the interface. You also have to make sure that you are logged into your Topaz Labs Studio account which is not the same as where the older plug-ins would be listed. - site where older plug-ins reside - Studio site

If your plug-ins are listed in the original site and are still not appearing or if they were purchased from another source, you will have to submit a Support ticket.

You have to have the very last version of the plugin installed for Topaz Studio to list it. Example, Adjust V3 will not display because there is an updated version. Download and install the last version and it should display.

I just checked for updates on BW Effects 2 and DeNoise 6 and I am running the latest updates on both. However, they do not appear in Studio. Can you help?

Go to the downloads page, and download the latest version you find there:

Thanks. I just did that, and BW Effects and DeNoise still do not show up in Studio. Any other thoughts?

Restart Studio, and you should find them in the Plugins menu along the top of the application.

Thank you.