Support for IOS (Ipad Pro only) please

I am a travel photographer and my workflow is totally based on my Ipad Pro (12") with affinity Photo and several Apps. It would be a great relief to implement the Topaz AI “step” in this IOS flow.

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, due to how resource intensive the AI models are, the program can only be run on computers. We don’t have plans to make a mobile version at least for a long while but I can definitely see how that would be useful.

Thanks for your response @tim.he, but I need to call you out.

iPad Pro and MacBook Pro have exactly the same M2 processor.

Topaz supports much worse hardware including my MacBook Pro 2018 with Intel Core i5. It can achieve such feats as running Chrome with 20 tabs open.

I understand there my by valid reasons to be unable to develop typowa for iPad (I am a developer myself), but insufficient hardware simply isn’t the case.


Photo AI and Video AI also require at least 16 GB RAM, which only the highest-end iPad Pros (M1 or M2 and 1 TB or 2 TB storage) have. Given the small number of iPads that meet these requirements (I “only” have an M1 iPad Pro with 8 GB), it’s likely not worth making an iPad version.

But in general I think you’re right that there is no hardware limitation for Photo/Video AI to run on some models of iPad.

For Apple Silicon it’s in fact 8GB minimum.
And I’m quite sure it could be made to run on 4GB in they wanted to - maybe with reduced maximum output size or so.

Weird. I missed that.

I doubt 4 GB is enough for Topaz’s standards, since 8 GB applies only to ARM Macs and there’s no similar situation with Video AI.

I just found out about this app on the TWIT Podcast show MacBreak Weekly. I have a M2 iPad Pro with 1TB hard drive and 16GB RAM. I will think about buying this app as soon as it comes out on the m2 iPad Pro. I bet Affinity photos or other great apps on the iPad will eventually come out with there version of AI.

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I agree and am in the same situation. The above arguments would be valid 3 years ago, but now lots of people are choosing to purchase the “high end” iPad pros (I have the same model / specs as John.gerard). They’re more bang for your buck compared to a MacBook. However, then there are limitations like the one we are experiencing here.

Point being, with the introduction of the iPad Pro, now the hardware has caught up and there is a bigger market than what is being considered. As the iPad Pro is more like a Microsoft Surface than a “big iPhone.”

Luminar has an iOS Version out shortly.
I guess others and hopefully also Topaz will follow.

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