Support for BMP files

Gigapixel and Sharpen AI will not work with .bmp files. How can this be? You accept dozens of obscure image formats that almost no one uses but you don’t accept the common .bmp?

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No obscure formats as all Topaz Products accept JPEG, TIFF and PNG but some products will open RAW & PSD.

It looks like you want to put in Product Feature Request so I have moved it to that section.

JPG, TIFF, and PNG are not obscure formats. (Neither is BMP). But the OTHER file formats supported are indeed obscure. How many users work with, for example BMQ files compared to BMP? These are what I was referring to:


Most of those image types can be opened but not saved, it is probably because the programming environment (Qt) has a file open procedure that supports them.

Anyway your request is in the correct area now.

In the meantime you could probably use Photoshop or another pixel editor that will open & save BMP files and use Sharpen AI as a plugin. Note that Affinity Photo won’t open/save BMPs.

A lot of those files are RAW formats used by the supported cameras. For example ARW is a Sony Raw file type. TSP is the Topaz format for saving presets with photos.