Sunday in the Park

Inspired by Georges Seurat’s Pointillism style. Image cropped and adjusted in Lightroom Classic CC, finished in Photoshop with Topaz Adjust and Impression with the Pointillism 2 filter.

I spent time in the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay studying the brush strokes and styling of Impressionists, to closer match in post processing.

The grand spaces of Paris contain beautiful gardens. The Tuileries is on the site of what was the Tuileries Palace, built in 1564 and destroyed by arson in 1871. You can see where the palace structure was situated between the Louvre and the remaining gardens.

I do not know who my central subject is. He, conveniently, was snoozing away the spring afternoon while we sat on a nearby bench.


Tranquil and a nice edit …

Impressive! I love the trees.

Beautiful, excellent use of Impression!