Sun flare

Is there a way to create a sun flare in Topaz Studio?

You might find something in Texture Effects -> Light Leaks that works.

If those texture items aren’t giving you what you want, you might also try Topaz Star Effects, which you can run as a plugin in studio.

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Thanks. I have Star Effects and forgot about it in my focus upon Studio. It definitely will work.

I looked and found sun effects only in the middle of the sky. But Star
Effects, which I have, should work.

If you find a sun flare that you like in Texture effects you can resize it and change the placement. You will see some buttons where you can flip it.

Thanks for the good advice. I found it and applied a Sun Flare texture to an image. Did not figure out how to resize with what, the Edit, Transform? Not as easy to modify as the one in Luminar which I returned as I prefer to stick with Studio, but knowing Topaz it will come eventually.

@philz you see the nodes on the corners, you can grab them and resize and rotate the texture. I add a category “png” and added some birds that I used ReMask and saved as a png file. Next to the Category if you click on the square you can import texture files. Topaz had a great webinar this week about textures, Meredith did a wonderful job of explaining textures.

I saw some of Meredith’s presentation but I was interrupted by a phone call I had to take and missed a lot of it. I have the tutorial Topaz sent on my screen now to catch up with the rest. I commented at the time that she was doing an excellent job, the best I have seen from her. I have a presentation to make to my Camera Club in three weeks and this and other tutorials have taught me a lot, and now I can inform others of the terrific capability of Studio. Luminar, which I tried, is a competitor that is good for what it does but nowhere near as comprehensive as Studio with all the Topaz filter capabilities. That is what I will say and try to show why – in 40 minutes of demonstration. Which you have helped me do better with your insights. Thanks again.

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@philz Here is some more fun stuff to play with for your group. You can change the color of the texture and blur it as well. Work with contrast, saturation, color strength and hue.

But wait there is more I just discovered this, take a look at Edge Extension.
If you are wondering why the man and dog are so thin its because I forgot to change the “Lock Aspect Ratio” as you can see it is yes and should be no. Under that will see the Edge Extension anyway I think I found some fun stuff to play with. One more thing that you may already know, at the bottom there is a plus sign so you can add an adjustment to the Texture effect. I think the possibilities are endless.

Very stimulating. Thanks. The education never stops and the possibilities with Studio seem to be endless. That is what I will convey, from simplicity to whatever one can imagine.


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