Suggestions/Observations on Masking in Topaz Studio

First, let me say I am extremely impressed with Topaz Studio, particularly the various mask modes easily accessible, and am testing it to determine how I will use it in my workflow. I use masking in virtually every photo I process, not only for modifying adjustments but for cutouts and composites.

  1. When refining a mask using the brush tool, it’s a bit awkward moving the cursor from the image to switch from 0 Mask Density to 1.00 Mask Density and back. A keyboard shortcut for the mask extremes would be helpful here.

  2. Even better than the suggestion in #1 above would be to add an Intelligent Quick Selection tool similar to the tool in Photoshop or Affinity Photo. This would be particularly helpful in those masking situations with a lot of external acute angles.

  3. When masking a portion of a second image (as an Image Layer) over the first image to create a cutout object, I zoomed in and then activated the Move tool by pressing the spacebar. The second image disappeared (reappearing when the spacebar was released). Is this the intended behavior? It would be better if the overlayed image remained visible during the move.

  4. Opened PNG photo object file containing transparent background in Topaz Studio. The transparent section imported as black. The original resaved as a PNG also had the black background. Will Topaz studio eventually support transparency?

  5. Topaz ReMask is missing from the list of Topaz plugins available in Topaz Studio. Does Studio support ReMask?



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No, it does not; something to do with how layers are handled I think.

I like your masking suggestions, but number 4… about supporting transparency is highest on my list. This is very frustrating after spending the time creating the transparent image and then having Studio apply a color background.

I concur!


I also like the masking modes. I would love to see a harder brush with more edge awareness. Results are good, but not perfect…even in the masking tutorial.