Suggestions for Topaz Labs Product Line

  1. Since some of the software is expensive, how about this, instead of annual update fees, subscribe to the AI data? (This may or not be feasible, depending how integrated the AI tables are with each application.)

  2. Let us help train the AI cores. (Some kind of interface to tell where the AI went wrong and upload results back to Topaz for analysis.)

  3. I own 99% of the Topaz Product line and updating each application individually is somewhat of a pain, some type of batch update manager?

  4. The registration / about interface doesn’t really tell us if the product knows it’s registered or not. (After an update, I usually re-register just to be on the safe side although it will not tell you if it was already registered even then.)

I second the request for a batch update manager or something like it. While I try to update the apps when I get an email notification, sometimes I miss those emails. I have to load the app, see what version I have loaded on my PC, and them compare that to the latest released version.

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