Suggestion: Save Crop data (location and dimensions) to use across multiple video clips

I am digitizing and processing a lot of old Hi8 and DV tapes and in each format, each clip has the same black bars on the side(s) and noise along the bottom that I crop out in Topaz Video. It would be great if I could save the area I crop so I can use it for all clips imported for a particular source format. It is very tedious to have to crop each individually, which causes a variance in the size of of the crops. Displaying some numbers to show where each side is relative to the upper left corner (0,0) would help with that problem.

This would ridiculously speed up the tempo of some of the work I do in TVAI. A large portion of the work I do in TVAI includes cropping, and almost all of the cropping is identical.

I would like these features too. Batch cropping and numerical indicators.