Suggestion for right side panel

Since I see on the roadmap (June) that you plan to reorganize the right panel this might be the right time to address an issue I see.

When using “Refine Subject” or “Select Faces” the “Apply” button is on the bottom right of the screen. As soon as you click “Apply” it changes to “Return X photos to Lightroom” (using the plug-in obviously).

My concern is that the “Apply” and “Return X to…” are in the exact same place. If you click Apply and then mistakenly click “Return x photos…” then you’re waiting for it to process even if you wanted to tweak more photos in the preview function. Or cancelling and having to purge the copies (I choose edit copy with LR adjustments) from the library. As I’ll do 50-75 images in a batch this could be a real hassle (i’ve been cautious so it hasn’t happened yet - but that’s a matter of time).

In short, I’d like to see the “apply” button in a noticeably different location to prevent even the possibility of this user error/mis-click.