Suggestion : A beep or ping when Photo AI has updated a file

I’m a new user of Photo AI and would like to suggest that a sound being made when a file has been updated would be useful. Staring a the screen waiting for a file to be updated can become hard on the eyes, especially when you are working on multiple images. It could be made an option to switch it on or off for those who don’t want it.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks to all at Topaz for all the hard work.

Best regard Bob.

@robert.bingham I’m glad you’re enjoying Photo AI!

Would a simple chime when the preview is updated be what you have in mind?

Yes a simple chime would be good, not very loud, just to allow you to take your eyes of the screen and rest them. If it were made switchable on or off in Preferences it would suit all.

Regards Bob.

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