Suggestes feature: auto processing and copy settings

I have Photo AI reasonably new (I had the individual packages before), and I find processing with it quite cumbersome.
There are a few connected reasons for this

  1. I think the Autopilot overdoes the processing, so I edit the settings.
  2. Every time I change a value via a slider, the image is automatically processed, going through the entire loop. This freezes the program, making it impossible to change further sliders (e.g. I change the sharpening strength, but I also know that I want the denoise switched on, so want to do this afterwards). That means that changing several settings in one go is impossible and one needs to process the image after every step.
  3. I often want the same settings for very similar images, there’s n need to run the autopilot on all/each of them if I already know what settings I want.

So here’s 2 ideas:

  1. A button that switches auto-processing OFF, making it possible to change several sliders in one go, then click a ‘process’ button to see what it does. This alone would significantly speed up my workflow, as an image is processed once or twice, instead of 10 times.
  2. Please make it possible to copy the settings from one image and apply it to a selection of other images (without processing those straight away?). Like this, one could simply copy the settings between a bunch of images, and apply them at the end, without going through the quite time consuming steps for each image to set the values manually.

I hope that you and others would find these additions useful. For me, it would be a game changer, as it would make it FAR easier to process hundreds of images.