Suggested setting: turn off the limiter, cast aside reality and make generative art from images

I’m a video artist working primarily with circuit-bent analog gear. This means that my videos start their processing journey at 480i. Topaz has been a miracle for getting my work projection-ready for a theater environment (here is an example of an analog clip upscaled to 4k. Boards of Kaneda: Akira + Dayvan Cowboy 4K - YouTube)

I would love a (non-standard / hidden / easter egg) setting that really lets the AI run unhindered and help to create alien landscapes and over-processed images. If it thinks there might be a cat hidden in some static, let it start to bring out a cat. I understand this is the opposite of the point with the software, but I think the potential is there to use this tool for some very unique and wonderful art. Right now I just run through segs a few times to get some of that plastic-y AI look, but with something like Proteus I’d just love it if I can crank all those settings up to 500% and let it rip.