Suggested improvement when saving back to LRc

When Topaz Photo AI saves a file it adds “-edit.tif” to the original file name.
I would really like to have it add “-Photo AI vers x.xx”

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Thanks for your suggestion. I’m not quite clear on how this would be more helpful than indicating the filters that were activated, could you elaborate?

When I first started using Topaz, before Photo AI, an edited file was renamed with a suffix like “Sharpened” or “Denoise” (provided I was using Topaz stand alone and not via the LRc Plugin).
I found that useful to remind what I had done and to see if I need do more or less.
Today in Photo AI via LRc plugin, what is always returned is a suffix “-edit” whether I used V1 or V2.1 or V2.2 for just noise reduction or sharpening or both. Perhaps if the file was flagged as from old version, perhaps I might be enticed to try V4 to see if the photo can be improved. It would help to know what filters were activated.
Somehow I should be able to track what was done to the photo.
In the develop mode of LRc, there is a history of what was done.
That is often useful for, inter alia, learning what works and what doesn’t, telling others what was done, etc.

I see, so best case it has all the information, eg. img-sharpen-v2.1-tif

You got it

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