Suddenly Topaz Photo Ai is messing up normal exporting

Not sure why but suddenly I have a problem.
Every time I select a batch of photos to export after I’ve edited them, they do export
I have restarted Lightroom numerous times and it still keeps happening.
The WIERD thing is that they open in Photo Ai without having created copies for Photo Ai to Edit
So, each time, I have to let them all load into Photo Ai and then CLOSE Photo Ai without saving any of them.,
It all started just a little while ago while I was working on images. I didn’t make any changes to anything other than simply editing photos, Editing In Photo Ai, then reviewing those and after that, exporting them with the client’s initials and sequence number, into a new folder for that year, for the client.
I’ve rebooted, restarted, checked for updates etc. My Windows 10 did update this morning but everything was working fine after that so I am really puzzled as to why this double process thing is happening.
Would anyone know what the heck is happening with this?

It looks the crash is similar to mine.
I use lightroom also on windows11.
After finishing to edit all photos, save # images, but finally Lightroom shows the error message.
No matter how good the photoAI is, it is meaningless if the photos cannot be saved…

The issue I was having got resolved with 1.3, so I’m ok now