Subject Selection

I shoot mostly birds with an Canon r5 and a telephoto - often a 500mm prime. I am using the current version of TOPAZ AI (3.0.4) on a WIN 11 PC.

Generally I really enjoy TOPAZ AI but there are some situations where it is really frustrating.

I will often should 100’s if not 1,000’s of pictures in a day. These are culled down to a few dozen that I then invest some time on, first in LRC then in TOPAZ AI as a PLUG IN EXTRA to LRC.

It should be noted that, with birding the background can be quite busy so the subject bird does not always ‘stand out’.

My issues are with subject masking and I am comparing with LRC:
If TOPAZ AI does not identify the subject the masking tool is incredibly slow. Unlike LRC that allows me to draw a box around the subject, with TOPAZ there is no option (that I am aware of) but to paint the subject in.
When painting the subject the ‘brush’ trails behind the cursor needlessly causing redoes. Again comparing to LRC this is very frustrating
Whether adding to the subject or taking away from the subject the ‘+’ sign is displayed on the screen. This is not intuitive.
If I export multiple images from LRC to TOPAZ for processing and I change the screen size of the first image IMHO it would be nice if each subsequent image was similarly sized/magnified.

Maybe some of this is user error and if so would appreciate feedback but if not ‘subject identification’ is the product’s weakest feature.

Otherwise thanks for delivering otherwise very competent software